Master title (FM, that is, F.I.D.E. Master, a title bestowed for life by the Fédération Internationale des Échecs) received in 1993 while living in France (from 1989 to 1999).

Presently I teach chess in numerous schools in the Montreal region. In fact teaching is a passion, and I have been doing just that for many years. In France I also co-created a chess club in Toulouse, one that eventually had over 200 members and got into the First Division of the French Team Championships. Today I am one of the leading players in the Montreal area; I have defeated several Grandmasters, and a number of Masters.

I am bilingual therefore lessons are offered in either English or French.

Chess style

I am by nature an attacking player, I have studied a lot to become a strategist as well, but I still love to create art on the board.

My Teaching Approach

It is important to work on the basic strategical themes first, but it is always vital to adapt one's teaching to the needs of the student. A good knowledge of openings and endings can also be imparted to the student. It is essential to study the games of the students with them, because it is in the review of one's games that one learns the most. A large number of exercises have also been created so that pupils can continue their work "at home". And the key... Chess must remain FUN!